10 times more opt-ins

Relaunch of Global 2000 website

After a brand update we relaunched the website of Global2000. As part of the relaunch the website got not only a whole new design, but also several additional features that provide a better user experience and lead to higher conversions for the petition- and donationforms of Global2000.

My contribution: UX & UI Design
Agency: more onion
view website: global2000.at

A website that calls for action

The aim of the Global2000 website is one thing above all: get an Opt-in of the user for further communication. To enlarge the potential of opt-ins and potentially taken actions, such as petitions and donations, every page gives the user now various possibilities to get in contact, get active or stay informed. Actionbanners, short forms and bold buttons lead to a better user flow and more conversions.