De-Design the office

a design intervention on multilocality
of work spaces and the influence on well-being

The project centers around sustainable working towards the individual and the environment. Over the course of one year the traditional concept of work itself has been questioned, existing alternatives were tested and evaluated and a proposal for a viable working future was compiled.

Through a multidimensional definition of flexibility (time, space, contract) the possibility to work at different of location, that is multilocality, is introduced. The concept of multilocality is further developed within the research process. It is applied and evaluated as potential trigger and door opener to more sustainable working through the change of location.

Project Arbeitswoche
The integrated project Arbeitswoche can be seen as a design intervention, meant to put the vision of future work into practice and to test it within a one-week-long trial. The project is a supplement to existing research that explores and supports new possibilities, scenarios and visions in a playful and creative way. Arbeitswoche itself is an innovative method that is oriented towards exploring the contemporary as an open moment and is suggested by the triggers the project provides.

Well-being as factor
To measure sustainability for the individual worker the concept of well-being approach is used and evaluated through questionnaires. Furthermore a variety of different methods is used to evaluate the impact of multilocality on worker and environment.

Project by Lena Rieger & Lena Schwarzl
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