Hello there

I am Lena
an eco-social designer

I strive for projects that are economically expedient, ecologically sustainable and socially acceptable. Currently based in Berlin I work multilocal, which means that I come where I am needed or work remotely.

Campaign Strategy

My expertise across strategy and technology means I can plan and lead an entire campaigns or support you to deliver certain elements, which includes strategic workshops, campaign planning, content development, web and print design as well as email builds.

Brand Identity

I love to work with you or your organisation on how to deliver a message or explain a product. With a strong brand identity I connect products, a message or service with the target group.

UX/UI Design

Always eager to improve the user experience of an application or website by researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements and designing user interfaces that lead to action.

Print Products

Yeah – we are living in digital age. But sometimes the promotion of our project needs a flyer or a new product a nice packaging. I am also happy to help you with a sustainable printing solution.


In digital environments authentic photography is a strong tool to create proximity and a certain mood. With professional experience in fashion and event photography, I am supporting my projects with natural light photography.

What is an
eco-social designer?

Eco-Social Design is not only about more eco-efficient products and services but its striving for future-viable modes of production, consumption and life – for sustainable economies and cultures. Based on these general aims and values the design of products, spaces, processes, interactive applications and transmedia communication is understood as an integrated task. Design is understood as a catalyst of change.

Some of my favourite projects

My Experience

I’ve worked for Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND), Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), Esbjerg Naturkosmetik Vienna, Lions Club, University of Bolzano and many more.


01 | 2021 – today

Climate Partner Foundation

Lead UX Designer
Discovery process of a personal footprint calculator with reduction and offset option for a B2C target group.

09 | 2014 – today

Berlin – Vienna

Communication Designer & UX/UI Designer
Independent design projects for various clients.

06 | 2018 – 08  2020

more onion e-campaigning
Berlin – Vienna – London

UX Designer & Digital Campaigner
Consultancy and design for advocacy and fundraising campaigns of international NGOs.

05 | 2015 – 08 | 2015

German Design Council

Project Manager
Support in planning and implementing the German Design Award and Congress.

05 | 2013 – 08 | 2014

St. Stephens

Communication Designer & Project management
Communications consultancy and design for agency clients.

11 | 2012 – 03 | 2013

2nd Take Online Store
Cape Town

Intern Online Marketing
Conception and implementation of marketing campaigns.


10 | 2015 – 09 | 2017

University of Bolzano

Master of Arts Eco-Social Design
Focus: Moderation & Participation | Final Grade: 1,0.

10 | 2010 – 05 | 2013

University of Chemnitz

Bachelor of Arts Medias and Communication
Focus: Online Marketing | Final Grade: 1,9.


2016 – today

Lions Club Westallgäu

Communication Designer

11 | 2012 – 03 | 2013

Social Good Brazil

International Relations Officer



Fundraising Kongress

Fundraising via Campaigning



Unconventional tactics for digital campaigning


I grew up close to the Bavarian Alps but like mountains and seaside equally. I am always up for delicious food and fresh coffee. I feel at home at many places, but most in Allgäu, Berlin and Southern France. I need to move at least once a day no matter if it is yoga, hiking, surfing or just a nice walk with Salsicha (Sally) my Dachshund. Get your daily dose of Sally below.

Let’s sit down
and start something new!

Whether you’ve liked my work or have a question about it, whether you’re interested in collaborating on a project or would just like to exchange some ideas.
I am always interested to grab a cup of coffee and connect!